Good shot!

“When I first read about ECOCHAMPS, I was surprised to see that direct competitors are working together,” says Claudio. “The automotive industry has been shaken over the last years, and it is very positive to see that companies are joining forces. This is very good for Europe.”

Journalist Claudio Rosmino and his colleague Thierry Winn from Euronews are shooting a news item on the ECOCHAMPS project. They have a complex logistical schedule to get all ECOCHAMPS vehicles on camera. The MAN bus has already been shot in München (Germany). Now Claudio and Thierry are in Eindhoven (Netherlands) to shoot the Renault Megane and the DAF truck. A few days later they will be in Turin (Italy) to shoot the Fiat 500X and the Iveco Daily.

“It’s important that people know what ECOCHAMPS is about,” says Guus Arts, the project coordinator, as he is preparing to be interviewed. “ECOCHAMPS will help to bring more hybrid vehicles on the market, and this an excellent opportunity to show how we do it.” Guus is answering Claudios questions outside, in front of the demonstrators. Claude Lehongre (Renault) is interviewed in the car, and Bart Lipsch (DAF) is interviewed in the workshop.

It’s a cold day, and it takes some endurance to get everything right. But Claudio and Thierry stick to it. “Yes, this is very good,” mumbles Thierry, as he is filming how the DAF truck comes down a hill. “It’s a days hard work, but we have some good shots in there!”


The ECOCHAMPS video will be broadcast on the Euronews Futuris channel on Monday April 16th.