ECOCHAMPS project is well represented at the Transport Research Arena (TRA). The TRA will be held this year from Monday April 16th until Thursday April 19th in Vienna (Austria).

The table shows the presentations, locations and timeslots. In addition to the presentations on specific topics, there will also be a general introduction into ECOCHAMPS at the European Commission stand in Break n°2 on Wednesday April 18th, from 12.22h – 12.33h.

Please note that the Fiat poster will be on display the whole Monday and Tuesday, and that the other posters will be on display the whole Wednesday and Thursday.

Topic Presenter Session Time Room
Fiat 500X Poster Miguel Allende(Tecnalia) ST20 15.15-16.45h Schubert 2+3
Iveco Daily truck Oral Giorgio Mantovani(Iveco) ST49 08.30-10.00h Lehar 3+4
MAN Lion city bus Oral Tassilo Pflanz(MAN) ST49 08.30-10.00h Lehar 3+4
Renault Megane Poster Claude Lehongre(Renault) ST49 08.30-10.00h Lehar 3+4
DAF XF truck Poster Bart Lipsch(DAF) ST49 08.30-10.00h Lehar 3+4
Demonstrator evaluation Poster Gunter Nitzsche(FhG) ST49 08.30-10.00h Lehar 3+4
Modular system and standardization framework Poster Nicolas du Bois(Daimler) ST49 08.30-10.00h Lehar 3+4