ECOCHAMPS latest news

The second ECOCHAMPS newsletter

The second ECOCHAMPS newsletter has been published. It appoints the following topics: Midterm Conference “The first test bench results are quite good, but how does it drive?” “Now is the... Read more

Feature: Project in Focus!

The Ecochamps project is featured on the EUCAR website as the Project in Focus! As EUCAR members and consortium partners DAF, Daimler, FIAT/CRF, IVECO, MAN and Renault take up the... Read more

ECOCHAMPS fourth General Assembly

At the end of May all partners came together in Paris for the fourth General Assembly. The meeting was split over two days, during which everyone was updated on the... Read more

The first ECOCHAMPS newsletter

The first ECOCHAMPS newsletter has been published. It appoints the following topics: Boosting the Success of Hybrid Vehicles The Modular System and Standardisation Framework (MSF) paving the way for commercial... Read more

ECOCHAMPS 1st Advisory Board Meeting – 25 May 2016

The ECOCHAMPS project has started on the 1st of May 2015 and activities are underway. To assure the success of the project and a wide acceptance of its findings and... Read more

ECOCHAMPS – Project Flyer

The project partners are proud to present the ECOCHAMPS Project Flyer to you! You can find the flyer here.    

ECOCHAMPS second General Assembly meeting in Germany 26-27 Jan 2016

The ECOCHAMPS Project had its succesfull second general assembly at the Hilton Garden Inn, hosted by Daimler, Bosch and Ricardo in Stuttgart, Germany. The event took place on the 26th... Read more

ECOCHAMPS Kick Off Meeting in Eindhoven, NL

The ECOCHAMPS Project had its succesfull Kick Off Meeting at the High Tech Campus, located close to DAF in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The event attended by over 60 representatives of... Read more

ECOCHAMPS project started – 1st of May 2015

The ECOCHAMPS project started on the 1 of May 2015.