Samsung SDI Battery Systems GmbH
Samsung SDI was founded in 1970 with the main focus on creating an innovative and brighter future regarding electronic materials. In 2000, the company joined the lithium-ion battery (LIB) business which has become one of their core businesses. The focus of the LIB market is not only on portable devices (e.g. laptops) but also on energy storage systems and automotive applications. To strengthen the latter, Samsung SDI acquired MAGNA STEYR Battery Systems GmbH & Co OG in May 2015. For automotive applications, Samsung SDI is committed to bringing customers the most creative and innovative products for electrified Samsung SDI Battery Systems GmbH offers a wide range of battery systems for automotive applications at the following locations:

  • Austria: Graz, Zettling
  • North America: Auburn Hills (MI)
  • China: Changchun

Currently, Samsung SDI Battery Systems has 390 employees in Austria. At the Zettling and Graz locations, battery pack engineering, battery pack assembling and prototype battery builds are performed. Our product range includes battery packs for pure electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrids, full hybrids as well as mild and mirco hybrid vehicles. Our core competence lies on the complete battery pack development, including the application of the newest cell technology, the electric monitoring by the cell supervision circuits and the battery management units, the battery usage management and the battery housing design with mechanical and thermal integration under consideration of the automotive safety standards.

Test laboratories in Austria and North America ensure that the highest quality and safety standards required from automotive industry are fulfilled.

Country: Austria