Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) focuses on fundamental/strategic technological research, which is relevant for industrial or other applications. TU/e recognizes the automotive trend of more-electric drive trains, including the benefits of electromechanical vehicle auxiliaries. The Control Systems Technology (CST) group (mechanical engineering) focuses on advanced data and model-based control methods and methods for integrated system design (co-design of plant and controller) for mechatronic and automotive application areas. More specifically, the research activities for hybrid (electric) powertrains are aimed at the following areas: development and validation of mathematical powertrain models to support optimal powertrain configuration (topology optimization); component technology selection/design and optimal control design; development of integrated system design methods for these multi-domain engineering systems.

Website: https://www.tue.nl/universiteit/faculteiten/werktuigbouwkunde/onderzoek/research-groups/control-systems-technology/research/research-areas/automotive-powertrains/
Country: Netherlands