The VIRTUAL VEHICLE is an international institution in the field of application-oriented vehicle development. More than any other European research institute it unites a variety of sub-disciplines from the field of vehicle simulation technologies. The development of new technologies, methods and tools for individual CAE disciplines and CAE integration takes center stage. A multidisciplinary approach to product development and coupled simulation are central research topics. In addition, VIRTUAL VEHICLE features a variety of test stands and highly sophisticated new measurement methods in both its own test center and in cooperation with the Technical University Graz. This also enables the validation of simulation processes and “hybrid verification”, which involves the connection of simulation and testing for system design.

VIRTUAL VEHICLE functions as a bridge between university research and advanced industrial development. The bundled competencies found at VIRTUAL VEHICLE, together with the coverage of individual CAE topics and CAE integration, form a research platform that is unique in the world of CAE.

The required fields of knowledge are covered by five research areas:
• Information & Process Management
• Thermo & Fluid Dynamics
• NVH & Friction
• Mechanics & Materials
• E/E & Software

Country: Austria