The Modular System and Standardisation Framework (MSF) paving the way for commercial hybrid vehicles


The first step in the development of the Modular system and Standardisation Framework (MSF) was to identify all possible requirements for such standardisation and modularisation, followed by an evaluation of the chance of realisation versus the benefits for each component. In multiple meetings and two extensive workshops among the experts from OEMs and suppliers, requirements were identified and discussed.

These activities resulted in a first draft of the MSF, containing agreements on:

  • system voltage levels
  • electrical and mechanical interfaces as well as communications interfaces
  • lifetime expectations
  • performance classes etc.

The final version of the MSF will be complemented with findings from the component development and integration into the demonstrator vehicles. In order to verify and validate the MSF, an external Mirror Group consisting of European and national automotive associations as well as individual suppliers will provide feedback and input. The MSF will be finalised at the end of the project (April 2018) and will be made publicly available.