Modular Standarised Framework (MSF)

Modular System for Hybrid Commercial Vehicles Components as Baseline for Standardisation


Within the ECOCHAMPS project hybrid electric components with improved functionality, performance, costs and functional safety are developed and implemented in more efficient and cost optimised powertrains for light and heavy-duty vehicles.

While light duty (passenger car) components have the advantage of potentially high quantities, production numbers of heavy duty vehicles are comparably small. Within this context, establishing standards and norms especially for heavy and medium duty vehicles are a reasonable approach to increase the quantities across different OEMs and decrease the component prices in turn. Therefore, the ECOCHAMPS proposes a pre-standard framework, the Modular System and Standardization Framework (MSF), for drivetrain components and electrically driven auxiliaries.

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In summary

In a first step, requirements were identified for each component, which might have a significant impact. In numerous experts workshops and meetings the most beneficial and feasible requirements were selected for the standardisation proposal process of ECOCHAMPS. Next to the component specific requirements so-called system level requirements were identified, which have an impact on all driveline components considered in the project. In detail these are:

  • System voltage levels;
  • ASIL classification;
  • Environmental conditions;
  • DV-Testing;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
  • Noise levels.

These requirements as well as the component specific requirements are expected to provide a reasonable cost saving potential, as soon as they are standardised.

New findings from component development and integration into the demonstrator vehicles as well as feedback from an external mirror group was looped back and taken into consideration for this final version of the MSF.

The ECOCHAMPS project partners, have published the final MSF via the European Council of Automotive R&D (EUCAR) and to national standardisation committees (e.g. CEN CENELEC).


Figure 1 Determination of requirements that should be standardized and development of standard proposals.