Vision and Objectives

It is the vision of the ECOCHAMPS consortium to enable a viable business case for hybrid vehicles by extending both their functionality whilst minimising their cost. At the same time the ECOCHAMPS project aims to increase the competitiveness of European vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers by gaining a leading position in hybrid powertrain technology.

The specific technical objectives, main innovations and targeted key results are:

  1. To devise a modular pre-standard framework (MSF), for the first time, that recommends standards for electric hybrid drivetrain components and auxiliaries for commercial vehicles
  2. To develop a set of electric hybrid components for hybrid powertrains
  3. To develop optimised drivelines for the selected vehicle classes
  4. To demonstrate the key innovations in two light duty and three commercial vehicles at TRL 7
  5. To assess the technology development in terms of its efficiency, cost effectiveness, weight and volume